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Release Your Inner Hippie With The VW Bus PC

I wonder if I can get one of these in yellow?

Thanks to Jim Head for sending me a link to this.

Posted in The Bus at Jan 26 2008, 10:34:48 AM MST 1 Comment

Several years ago, i saw a web page of a computer built into a ? scale model sedan (i don't recall what make).

As a five-time VW Bus owner, i immediately got it in my head to do it with a VW Bus model. The power supply, naturally. would be in the engine compartment, with the motherboard above on the deck, and the removable media drives mounted for access via the side door(s). The speaker would be mounted, appropriately, under the nose; and of course i would have to use a clip of a VW horn for the general system beep. ?

I need to freakin' do it one of these days!

Posted by überRegenbogen on July 10, 2011 at 06:20 PM MDT #

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