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Running AppFuse on Resin

Want to run AppFuse on Resin? I did some research (a.k.a. banging my head against the wall) and figured out how this morning. It isn't too tough, now that I've figured out how. You can read about my journey on my wiki, or follow the following steps (for the CVS version):

  • Edit $RESIN_HOME/conf/resin.conf and add the following after the last </web-app> closing tag.
<resin:include href='appfuse.conf'/>
  • Download appfuse.conf(info) and put it in the $RESIN_HOME/conf directory.
  • Put activation.jar, mail.jar and mysql-connector-java-3.0.9-stable-bin.jar in $RESIN_HOME/lib.
  • Remove password encryption by changing the Login Servlet's encrypt-password init-param (in web.xml) to false. You can do this in the build process by changing "encrypt.password" to false in app-settings.xml. You could also do it from the command line using -Dencrypt.password=false. For testing, you will need to change a number of files that have the encrypted password. Search for "536c0b339345616c1b33caf454454d8b8a190d6c" and change it to "tomcat".
  • Remove the <filter-mapping> for CompressionFilter.
  • To enable the "Remember Me" feature, remove the <c:if test="${rememberMeEnabled}"> check in loginForm.jsp. (AppFuse 1.3-dev)

DISCLAIMER: I did not thoroughly test that everything works, I just ran through a couple of pages.

Posted in Java at Jan 04 2004, 09:47:43 AM MST

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