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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

2019 - A Year in Review

It's time for my year-in-review post! This post sets the record for being the most delayed, ever. Usually, I'm able to get it published by the end of January. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it!

In 2019, I did my best to work hard, play often, and travel to interesting places. I took my Dad to Hawaii, drove through the worst blizzard of my life, traveled to India for the first time, did a UK + Ireland JUG Tour, and indulged in several fun vacations with my family.

Spring Skiing in Steamboat

We bought some additional rafts for whitewater, rafted in Montana and Colorado, and celebrated a family reunion in Cape Cod. Our classic VWs continued to perform well, and Hefe won his class once again at the 2019 VWs on the Green show. We did have to replace a clutch in Stout the Syncro, but I'm OK with that since he safely transported me through the most treacherous driving conditions of my life.

I'm going to look back on 2019 using the following categories.


For those stumbling upon this post with no context, I'm an open source developer that works at Okta. My title is officially "Developer Advocate", but all the code and words I write are distributed as open source.

This year I started trying to produce more YouTube videos in addition to blog posts. My team discovered our YouTube subscriber count increases a lot faster than our Twitter followers, so that provided our motivation. I published 13 videos on the OktaDev YouTube Channel. My most popular one was Java Microservices in 20 Minutes with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

I upped my videographer skills by learning how to record meetups. I copied Aaron Parecki's portable wireless video setup and started recording Denver JUG and Denver Open Source User Group meetups. We posted the first couple to the OktaDev channel, then decided it'd be better to have the meetups start their own channels. We published 6 to the DJUG channel and 3 to the DOSUG channel. I recommend subscribing if you're into Java or Open Source.

I taught Abbie and Jack how to work the video kit and they've been recording these meetups when I'm out of town. Thanks kids!

I wrote 22 blog posts throughout the year on the Okta developer blog. We publish two types of blog posts: thought leadership and conversion. Thought leadership posts tend to be about a hot topic while conversion posts are usually tutorials. My main topics for the year included Angular, Schematics, JHipster, microservices, and mobile development with Ionic 4 and React Native. Here are some that seemed to be popular.

I wrote a few thought leadership posts too:


According to TripIt, I took 22 trips, to 41 cities, in 12 countries. That's four fewer trips than 2018, and I had 129 days on the road (+10 from 2018). I visited twice as many countries in 2019 as I did in 2018.

2019 Conferences

My Speaker Deck profile shows 39 presentations at 24 events.

  1. Denver JUG
  2. Devnexus
  3. SnowFROC
  4. Great International Developer Summit: GIDS
  5. Denver Microservices
  6. JBCNConf
  7. The Secure Developer (now MyDevSecOps)
  8. Angular SF
  9. JHipsterConf
  10. KCDC
  11. ACGNJ Java Users Group
  12. JavaSIG (New York, NY)
  1. That Conference
  2. Develop Denver
  3. London Java Community
  4. South West Java & JVM User Group (Bristol, UK)
  5. West Midlands Java User Group (Birmingham, UK)
  6. Belfast JUG
  7. JHipster Dublin
  8. Dublin JUG
  9. Cork JUG
  10. Devoxx Belgium
  11. Devoxx Morocco
  12. The Progressive Web Experience

I also attended LavaOne (now UnVoxxed Hawaii) with my Dad. It was during his birthday week, so we played some golf and toured Pearl Harbor after the conference.

At LavaOne with my dad

GIDS 2019 was incredibly fun with my sister. We hung out with many usual suspects and had a fabulous experience.

I picked up a travel buddy in Seattle. My awesome sister, Kalin, is coming with me!

I learned how to present without an internet connection and found much joy in serious selfies.

I published pictures from Devnexus,

Java Legends OSS R3 JAM Awesome keynote with @reverentgeek

my UK + Ireland JUG Tour,

Second stop: Bristol Third stop: Birmingham Forth stop: Belfast

The JHipster Dublin Crew! @DubJug is in the house! Final stop: Cork


SpringOne Closing Crew

and Devoxx Belgium/Morocco.

Big Crowd for 10 Excellent Ways to Secure Your Spring Boot Applications Hello, Morocco! Another gorgeous sunset

At SpringOne, I did a talk with Josh Long and James Ward. I've never had so much fun on stage. 😆

A recording of our talk was published to YouTube.


I was involved in many community activities in 2019. I'm proud to say that Denver JUG won a Duke's Choice Award this year! I flew out to CodeOne for a night to accept the award and celebrate with Java friends.

We only had two Devoxx4Kids Denver workshops in 2019:

The first one was taught by Abbie and Jack. I taught the second one. It seems I need to do a better job recruiting speakers. In reality, I think it's time to offer the leadership of the group to someone who has more time.


I developed and released a new open source project in 2019: OktaDev Schematics. It provides a way to add Okta for authentication to Angular, React, Vue, Ionic, and React Native projects. I developed it mostly to make my demos easier. It had 12 releases throughout the year.

My other projects are mostly around JHipster. I support its OAuth 2.0 and OIDC support as best I can, and released seven versions of its Ionic module. Upgrading to Ionic 4 was a big task and I wrote about how to use Ionic 4 with JHipster 6. I recorded a screencast showing how to get started with JHipster 6 and traveled to JHipster Conf.

I did not work on the JHipster Mini-Book in 2019, but I hope to update it for JHipster 7 this year.


Trish and I journeyed to Jazz Fest in New Orleans. It was my first time and it might become a yearly tradition. So fun!

Matt's First Jazz Fest! Jazz Fest 50 Gorgeous weather in New Orleans

I was fortunate enough to bring family along with me a few times when traveling for work. Highlights include:

  • Taking my whole family to JBCNConf in Barcelona. They all speak Spanish, so I knew it'd be a fun adventure.

Trish and Abbie at Montserrat

  • That Conference with Jack and my nephew, Michael. It was at a water park so the boys had a blast.

Phew - we made it to THAT Conference

  • Trish and my parents meeting me during my Ireland JUG Tour.

My fabulous parents and wife

I regret leaving in the middle of a family reunion for KCDC. The location in Cape Cod was fantastic.


Jack got his learners permit to drive in August. He was a little rusty at first, but he's come a long way since. He drives several times a week for practice when he's at our house.

Abbie is now 17 and Jack is 15. They grow a lot when they become teenagers. Jack is the tallest one in our house!

Abbie Raible 2019 Jack Raible 2019

We had a ball with Trish's brother's family and parents in Turks and Caicos. It was part of a double-header Spring Break that started with skiing in Steamboat.

Riding the lift at Steamboat

Turks and Caicos! Trish and Morgan

The 2018-19 ski season was fabulous and Stout was quite the hero during our first Bomb Cyclone!

Stout at Wolf Creek The Van after Bomb Cyclone #1

We added two duckies to our rafting fleet so we can take more friends on the river in June. Father's Day on the Upper Colorado was fun with friends, but Chris Morse and the Fesser did have to float through a cold and dangerous class IV rapid. You could say they're were not fans of our duckies.

My Dad made me proud with his cameo in the "What is Okta?" Father's Day video.

We took Abbie's boyfriend, Joseph, with us to Montana for the 4th of July. My Dad and I road-tripped up in our Westfalia Vanagon. We decorated a float for the parade, enjoyed a couple days on the river, and spent some quality time with Owen and Dana.

Night two in Grand Tetons National Park Sunset at Grand Teton National Park #VanLife

Ready for the 4th of July Parade!

Family Day on the Blackfoot! Duckie Fun

Rig to flip! With Owen and Dana!

Trish and I celebrated our 6th anniversary in Estes Park.

We stayed at the Stanley Hotel in the "Kissing Cowboy" room. 😱

Beautiful View from the Stanley Hotel

Trish went big in September and added her own cataraft to our fleet!

Introducing, Trish's cataraft! The Good Life

We visited Trish's family on the east coast for Thanksgiving.

McGinity Thanksgiving 2019

Christmas at my parent's house in Montana was warm and cozy.

The beautiful barn that my dad built in the 80s

Stout the Syncro and Hefe the Bus

Our classic VWs are surviving and thriving. Hefe won best in class at VWs on the Green for the fourth time. Stout ran well on several road trips and now has a new clutch.

VWs on the Green

I hope to write a "Story of Hefe" book in 2020 from the pictures and posts on this blog.


Professionally, I'll be hitting some new exotic locations. Voxxed Days Zürich and JavaLand in Germany are on my list. JavaLand happens during Spring Break, so we'll be spending a few days skiing in the Swiss Alps afterward.

I plan to speak at Devoxx UK (London), Spring I/O (Barcelona), and Voxxed Days Singapore. I hope to visit with the Java community in Japan as well. If you're interested in seeing where the @oktadev team will be in 2020, check out

I'll be on vacation the whole month of July. I've always wanted to live like a European and Okta's unlimited vacation policy makes this possible.

I'm going to stop traveling in August for a year. Abbie will be a high school senior and I want to be around for her last year at home.

In 2020, I'll be skiing, biking, and rafting a lot more. I started Developer Ski Days to help with the first. I'm excited that Thrive Workplace has a new DTC location (at Innovation Pavilions). I'll be renting a desk from them and start bike-commuting soon. Our rafting family just applied for several week-long rafting permits. Spending a week on the river is one of our favorite activities!

Last year, I had a bunch of goals with numbers. This year I'm going to try and get more headspace, spend more time with friends, and enjoy being home.

I believe less travel in 2020 will be very rewarding. I might even get Nuggets season tickets. They're pretty good these days.

If you want to follow along on my adventures, please follow me on Twitter. I also post pictures of my favorite moments to Instagram and whole albums on Flickr.

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