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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

2016 - A Year in Review

When I wrote my 2015 year in review blog post, I was certain my '66 VW Bus would finally be finished. AND IT IS! Do I need to even write this year's post? Yes, because I want to tell you how awesome it is to own this incredible-looking, awesomely-fast, mean machine. ;)

Hello Hefe

But first, let's review the year using the following categories.


I had two different clients in 2016: CA Technologies and Stormpath. I worked full-time for CA in January and February, helping them adopt AngularJS. To help them learn about Angular 2, I rewrote my AngularJS getting started and testing tutorials for Angular 2. The first versions were published at Getting Started with Angular 2 and Testing Angular 2 Applications. I refactored both tutorials to use Angular CLI in August and published Getting Started + Testing with Angular CLI and Angular 2 (RC5). Since then, I've been maintaining an up-to-date version on GitHub.

In April, I started working half-time for CA and half-time for Stormpath. For Stormpath, I worked on their Java SDK and helped them launch their Java SDK 1.0. I really enjoyed working with the team at Stormpath. This led to me think about my priorities in life. I realized that I wanted to work remotely, get paid to speak at conferences, and get paid to work on open source. Stormpath provided me with all of these opportunities and I started working full-time for them on September 26, 2016.

In May, I joined the board of the Denver Java User Group. I've been helping organize meetups, find speakers, and secure location sponsors. If you're interested in speaking at DJUG in 2017, please let me know!

I wrote about life as an open source developer in early November. At that time, I mentioned being more stressed than I was used to. My stress levels continued to be high through the end of the year because I get to create my own job. I get to choose the conferences I submit too, the talks I create, the example apps, the blog posts, everything. There's so much I want to do that I've had to learn to scale back and not try to do so much at once.

I didn't blog much on in Q4 of 2016, but I wrote a bunch of technical posts on the Stormpath blog.

According to TripIt, I flew 59K miles in 2016.


I spoke at nine different events in 2016. You can find links to my presentations on my presentations page.

  • February: Denver Open Source Users Group
  • April: Colorado Springs Open Source Software Meetup Group and Devoxx France
  • June: Devoxx UK and GeekOut
  • August: HTML5 Denver Users Group
  • September: vJUG24
  • November: Rocky Mountain Software Symposium
  • December: The Rich Web Experience

My most memorable conference in 2016 was Devoxx France because I took Abbie and we experienced springtime in Paris together.

Obligatory Arc de Triomphe selfie Abbie and Eiffel Tower

Spring in Paris is beautiful!

Becoming a Java Champion at Devoxx France was certainly a surprise too!

Les Cast Codeurs I'm a Java Champion! :)

I really enjoyed taking my mom with me to Devoxx UK and GeekOut. It was my first time speaking at both conferences and I was impressed by both personnel and venues.

St. Paul's Cathedral Tallin, Estonia


We only had two Devoxx4Kids Denver workshops in 2016: Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript using Bitsbox and Exploring JavaScript. The second one was taught by the world-famous Venkat Subramaniam.

I'd like to plan a few Devoxx4Kids Denver events in 2017, so please let me know if you have a topic you'd like to present.


I stopped working on AppFuse in February and announced I was mothballing the project in April. Reminder: the demos, documentation and bug tracker will cease to exist on April 30, 2017.

The JHipster Mini-Book I spent many late nights in July through October updating the JHipster Mini-Book for JHipster 3.x. On the book's blog, I wrote about what's changed and how to buy a print version.


I wrote down my goals at the beginning of 2016:

  • Finish the bus
  • Win a trophy
  • Ski a lot
  • Raft a lot
  • Stay in shape
  • July in Montana
  • Happy Trish
  • Ionic/Angular2 app
  • Learn how to make a good dirty martini

I'm proud to the bus is finished and it won Best in Class at VWs on the Green.

Today was a great day! Won best in class Bus, Camper, Pickup Custom 1949-67 Split Window. #vwbus

A photo posted by Matt Raible (@vwsforlife) on

We skied a lot, but never took our own raft on river. I stayed in shape and have records to prove it thanks to 21-Points Health and dailymile. This summer, I spent seven weekends in a row away from home; with three weeks in Montana. Not quite a month, but close. Trish was happy because we journeyed to Hawaii to celebrate her parents' 50th anniversary.

Happy 50th Mau and Joe!

Her happiness continued when she found her dream home in July. We moved into The Raible Ranch in September.

Home Sweet Home!

Weeks later, she and Abbie bought their dream horse named Tucker. I wrote about him in Abbie's 14th birthday post.

Abbie and Tucker Abbie and Tucker

I learned how to make an excellent dirty martini, but did not find the time to create an Ionic/Angular2 app.

The Ski Bus (aka Stout)

Stout the Syncro spent a couple months getting upgrades in late 2015: transmission rebuilt, fridge installed, Propex heater installed, and new headlights. We leveraged these improvements on an epic family road trip to Jekyll Island (Georgia) for my Dad's 70th birthday.

Cards in the van Our campsite in Hot Springs, AR. 21F that night.

We made it back to Denver just in time for the AFC Championship game and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves tailgating beforehand.

We made it to Denver at 11pm Saturday. Broncos tailgate on Sunday!

Watching the Broncos win Super Bowl 50 was definitely a highlight of 2016.

We took Stout on a bunch of ski trips and winter camped several times. The Propex heater and Reflectix insulation worked great and kept it around 50°F even when it was 0°F out.

I bought a new mountain bike (Yeti SB 95) in May and Trish and I drove the van to Syncro Solstice in Moab. We were hoping for a weekend of mountain biking and 4-wheeling, but Trish had a bad crash and stabbed herself in the chest with a handlebar. That ended our 4x4 aspirations for the weekend, but the van ran great!

The other major road trip for Stout was when I drove from Colorado to Montana over four days. I drove to Grand Junction on Monday evenning, worked during the day on Tuesday, went mountain biking in the afternoon, then drove to Jackson Hole that night. Wednesday, I worked in Jackson Hole, went mountain biking, then drove to Montana that night. I woke up early on Thursday and made it to Missoula to start working promptly at 8am. That evening, I drove to Seeley Lake and setup camp at the first annual Bob Marshall Music Festival. Trish flew in on Friday and we danced and celebrated my birthday all weekend.

I like how this birthday week is progressing! It's easy to fall in love with Jackson, Wyoming on a day like today! Idaho Sunset in Teton Valley


The Porsche Bus (aka Hefe)

Hefe's debut at VWs on the Green was a wild success and we had a lot of fun that day. In June, we showed him at Colorado Concours d'Elegance and won a blue ribbon. We trailered him to Montana and drove him in the Swan Valley parade and the Seeley Lake parade.

Hefe in the Swan Valley Parade Our 2nd parade of the day! Hefe is lookin' good. Happy 4th y'all!

We hauled him back in Denver to be in the Colorado Bug-In at Bandimere Speedway, where he got second in the custom/radical class.

Hefe at his finest Got Runner Up in our class. Lost to a very nice Karmann Ghia. However, they trailered theirs home and I'm driving mine!

On the way home from that event, one of the rear shocks blew up from rubbing against the axle. That was the beginning of the end for my air suspension. I drove Hefe to Kustom Coach Werks in early August to have fix the doors (they had gaps) and tune the suspension. When they finished, I called it "release 1.5".

I drove Hefe for a month without rear shocks and didn't have too many issues; it was just bouncy in the back. Buses at the Brewery in Colorado Springs was a fun event and the first time that Hefe went viral on Facebook. This has happened a few times since then. He gets thousands of likes from being featured on a VW fan page.

Buses at the Brewery

Before the drive to Colorado Springs, I noticed the rear suspension was missing bolts, causing the rear end to shimmy. I was able to find a new bolt and fix it, but the problem with bolts falling out continued in September. I tried smaller wheels (15" Fuchs), but the suspension was still really stiff in front. Because of the suspension issues, I shipped it back to KCW in October. They ripped out the air suspension and replaced it with coil over shocks, making for a much better ride. It now can cruise at 90 mph easily and looks great all the time! After these repairs, it's now Hefe 2.0.

2nd stop: liquor store for the KCW guys!

If you're interested in reading about the suspension decision process, or to see pictures, see this thread on KCW's forums.


Professionally, I'll be speaking at a lot of conferences and meetups this year. As a Developer Evangelist for Stormpath, I'm expected to speak at least once a month. I did a webinar on Getting Started with Angular in mid-January and I'm traveling next week to Jfokus in Stockholm. See my future engagements for more scheduled events.

I suspect most of the coding I'll be doing will be related to Stormpath's SDKs, both Angular and Java. Of course, I'll help out on JHipster as much as I can too. With JHipster 4 on the horizon, there will be a lot of work to update the JHipster Mini-Book.

Hefe 3.0 will be released this spring after I get a sweet sound system installed. As far as personal goals for 2017, I have only one: to drive Hefe up the California coast. With a new house, two running VWs, and a job that's a helluva lot of fun, life is pretty awesome right now. :-D

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